Ontology is a public platform that intends to eliminate barriers in between the blockchain and business sector.

Businesses can utilize Ontology without previous understanding of dispersed networks ar usage blockchain innovation. When Chinese business Onchain released Ontology in 2017, there were practically no chances for services to incorporate blockchain into their facilities without comprehensive understanding of blockchain.

As well, existing trust networks deal with a range of concerns. Poor personal privacy defense, untapped information worth, information management monopolization, and inadequate identity authentication are all chances for blockchain. Ontology appears to fix these problems with its strong trust environment.

Through the tools Ontology produced, corporations can execute trust systems and customize them to their service requirements. Basically, its blockchain procedure unlocks for the worldwide adoption of blockchain innovation in corporations. It removes the finding out curve and provides mass modification.

In Ontology’s words:

Ontology is a blockchain/distributed journal network which integrates a dispersed identity system, dispersed information exchange, dispersed information partnership, dispersed treatment protocols, dispersed neighborhoods, dispersed attestation, and different industry-specific modules. Together this develops the facilities for a peer-to-peer trust network which is cross-chain, cross-system, cross-industry, cross-application, and cross-device.

Ontology and NEO are ideal partners in a starving race to digitize our world. Have a look at the video above for a respectable summary of the task.

About the NEO/ Ontology Relationship

Last November, a crowd of blockchain lovers and financiers put together in New York City. They pertained to hear Onchain, a business committed to establishing blockchain systems, reveal the launch of the groundbreaking platform, Ontology.

” Not just did we bring the very best market minds together, however the Ontology launch brought our job to the world phase” CEO of Onchain and NEO co-founder Da Hongfei stated at the occasion. “Ontology and NEO will develop a broad environment utilizing blockchain and other brand-new innovations to serve the genuine economy. “

The main site of Ontology lists Jun Li as the Founder of Ontology, and his LinkedIn notes him as the co-founder/ primary designer of Onchain.

However, the crypto neighborhood has actually typically puzzled the functions of tasks amongst each other. It ought to be clarified that NEO does not own Onchain nor Onchain own NEO. In a Youtube interview, Da Hongfei cleans up the confusion with the business functions.

” First, I require to clarify that NEO and Onchain are different entities, so Onchain does not own NEO, or NEO, Onchain. They are individually moneyed– NEO is moneyed by the neighborhood, and Onchain is moneyed by a really popular monetary group in China, Fosun. They purchased a great deal of insurance provider and banks in Europe. They are different. Second, Onchain gain from the NEO environment. The item, called DNA, is extremely comparable to NEO, however it is composed in the Go language. OnChain is assisting other blockchains and banks to construct their blockchains with DNA. It’s generally really comparable to NEO, and in the future, with NEOx (the cross-chain procedure) whatever can be connected together.”– Hongfei

Ontology Trust Network


  • Chain 1: Verification of individuals, wealth, things, and companies.
  • Chain 2: Verify applications and connect them together
  • Chain 3: Verify and connect modules, procedures, SDK’s and API’s
  • Chain 4: All the various networks chains. This layer operates to connect all the chains together.

As specified in the whitepaper, “in order to fulfill the requirements of various markets, the versatile style structure is modularized, pluggable, and quickly expandable.”

What this indicates is that Ontology is trying to be widely versatile for a wide variety of functions. They intend to be the go-to source for confirming the precision and credibility of things like identity or ownership. Business like Facebook will have the ability to quickly plug into Ontology for trust.

ONT Token Structure

ONT was airdropped to NEO holders in March2018 From this airdrop, 20 million ONT were dispersed to the neighborhood by the NEO Council.

There will be a max supply of 1 billion ONT tokens which are indivisible, and you’ll get Ontology GAS (ONG) from holding ONT (comparable to how NEO GAS functions). Ontology had actually formerly granted 1,000 ONT tokens to everybody who registered to their newsletter (which is now closed).

More breakdown of the token circulation:

  • 12%will go to the Ontology neighborhood
  • 28%for institutional partners
  • 10%to the NEO Council
  • 25%to the advancement of the Ontology environment
  • 10%to Ontology technical neighborhood benefits
  • 15%to Ontology core group.

Where Can You Buy and Store Ontology?

ONT never ever had a public ICO sale, and was launched solely as an airdrop to NEO holders that held NEO by March2018

Today, ONT is offered on most popular exchanges, and keeping it is quite easy. Guarda Wallet makes it possible for users to just “develop an Ontology Wallet” that flawlessly incorporates into their other holdings.

Ontology Wallet on Guarda

Ontology Wallet on Guarda

Hardware wallets Ledger Nano S and Trezor likewise use ONT abilities.

Final Thoughts: Following Ontology’s Journey

According to its whitepaper, “sociologists put the variety of individuals we rely on at less than one hundred”, revealing that for many people, it takes some time and effort to trust somebody and be familiar with them. Ontology is seeking to change the existing prolonged methods we get trust and bring us forward with blockchain automation of trust.

Ontology will likewise collaborate with NEO to bridge the space in between blockchain innovation and the real life. While NEO and Ontology have comparable objectives, NEO concentrates on digital possessions and a worldwide Smart Economy whereas Ontology concentrates on trust, identity, and information exchange, and permission. Consider NEO and Ontology like peanut butter and jelly. They are equally helpful and assembled, they make a delicious sandwich.

Finally, the group behind Ontology consists of respectable cryptocurrency market leaders with a currently developed history of success. And unlike numerous other blockchain jobs, the Ontology group isn’t simply targeting the monetary market. They’re concentrating on insurance coverage, federal government, medication, IoT, and other markets throughout its development, making it a wide-scale task with lots of capacities.

With a reasonably long-lasting existence in the blockchain market and with a clear vision for the task, it would not come as a surprise to see Ontology work together with NEO to transform the method numerous organizations run.


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