Jack Dorsey. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube, WIRED

An easy however puzzling tweet from Jack Dorsey, Founder and CEO of Twitter and payments company Square, has actually triggered a dispute about the significance of the post, and whether the popular Bitcoin (BTC) supporter has any BTC-related strategies that have yet to be revealed.

As mentioned by numerous users responding to the thread, the tweet, stating simply “705742,” most likely describes a block number on the Bitcoin blockchain. A block with that number was undoubtedly mined on Tuesday at 20: 14 UTC, however it is still unidentified what else is unique about the specific block.

Twitter users fasted to bring up the bitcoin block explorer to see if there was anything uncommon about block 705742, which at that point had yet to be mined. Little out of the regular might be discovered.

Others, on the other hand, joked that the number might be Dorsey’s “[end of year] rate target for bitcoin,” or that it might be in some way associated to “Moscow time,”– bitcoin slang for the worth of 1 USD in satoshis.

Speculating even more, one user on Reddit recommended that the block number might be the very first block to be mined by a brand-new mining system that Dorsey has actually proposed.

” Maybe the very first block that Square mined as part of their [research & development] for a possible public mining platform,” the user composed, prior to including that it appears like the wallet that got the block benefit currently has both in and outgoing deals worth nearly USD 2bn. “Seems like a possible volume for Square/Cashapp,” the user included.

However, according to different Bitcoin blockchain explorers, the block in concern consisted of 2,787 deals and was really mined by the BTC.com swimming pool. The block was mined practically an hour after the tweet was released.

In either case, as reported, the current tweet from the Twitter CEO followed another thread from last Friday, where Dorsey stated that Square is thinking about developing “a bitcoin mining system based upon custom-made silicon and open source.”

” Mining requires to be more dispersed” and it “must be as simple as plugging a rig into a source of power,” Dorsey composed, asking his fans what the greatest barriers are for individuals who wish to run miners.

At 08: 16 UTC, BTC trades at USD 64,042 and is up by 3%in a day and 14%in a week.


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