Stacks (STX) is an NFT environment that makes use of the very best of 2 worlds; it’s protected by the Bitcoin network while likewise on Bitcoin that leverages the scalability of the Ethereum network.

Bored Ape or pixelated Punk, there’s no rejecting the NFT motion & market roared to life in2021 While the mainstream has yet to warmly accept the innovation, it’s at least captured their attention. For the many part, Ethereum (ETH), together with the powerhouse market OpenSea, has actually gained most of the capital, eyeballs, and market-share– followed carefully by the Solana (SOL) network.

Yet over in a much smaller sized part of the area, another blockchain is hosting a sub-renaissance of sorts: restoring, as it’s become understood, the “digital-rock,” Bitcoin An L-1.5 by the name of Stacks (STX) is accountable for a current flurry of activity that’s presently “bringing” NFTs to the most tested chain of them all.

There’s a healthy dispute surrounding the precise technical executions of the STX task. With apparent storage restrictions like the block size, it’s not precise to state Stacks enables constructing on top of Bitcoin as much as Stacks is protected by Bitcoin

Perhaps not-so-surprisingly, this argument has actually drawn the ire of both most of Ethereum-ites & the small however loud Bitcoin Maxi crowd– most whom cast aspersions of altcoinery & bitcoin-affinity marketing. Obviously, it’s not without paradox that most of the criticism leveled originates from Blockstream workers dealing with the Liquid Network (which, a terrific item by itself, likewise has clear compromises).

If the last couple of months are any indicator, the Stacks neighborhood has extremely plainly shrugged these criticisms off & did what any developer-heavy job does finest: construct.

Stacks (STX) NFTs: A Quick Look

Courtesy of the StacksOnChain information analytics website, a fast introduction of the last couple of 3 months paints an image of reasonably hectic NFT activity:

  1. 50 Projects Have Launched On Over 3 Marketplaces
  2. 5 Projects Have Now Raised Over $100 K Through Mints
  3. 1 Project Has Now Crossed $2M In Secondary Sales

For a chain that just totally introduced (or re-launched, depending upon your viewpoint) in early 2021, this flurry of Q3 on-chain activity is absolutely nothing to discount. While Ethereum, its L2’s (Polygon, and so on.) & Solana certainly eclipse the NFT activity of Stacks, it’s worth taking a look at the momentum Stacks has actually had in on-boarding contending Eth/Sol power-users in addition to more conservative, unwilling maxi-Bitcoiners:

# Of Active Stacks Addresses Since 2.0 Launch

# Of Active Stacks Addresses Since 2.0 Launch

The variety of active Stacks addresses leapt from a weekly average of ~150 active addresses to a magnitude of development (~ 1,500 weekly average) from May 2021 to November2021 This 10 x has actually amassed attention beyond a tight-knit Stacks neighborhood.

So, who comprises the present community?

The Stacks Ecosystem

Unlike Ethereum which is greatly controlled by a single market, the Stacks community is a lot more varied. There are usually 3 core markets in the Stacks world; the introduced collections, similar to other chains, variety in quality & neighborhood. Listed below we’ll rapidly present the 3 markets and a handful of the most buzzing collections.


First alphabetically is none besides the creation of the duo referred to as Obsidian.btc & Plutus.btc. While lighter on the marketplace volume than the other 2 markets, Byzantion just recently altered its whole front-end and has actually been delivering brand-new functions such as the capability to browse & go shopping on all 3 markets at a fast speed.

Stacks Arts

The present market volume crown-holder (by a big degree), Stacks Arts positions itself as the high-curation market. With uncertain standards & a confidential creator, the choice procedure is rather of a secret– those that do make it, normally wind up with a mint-out followed by a heavy duration of secondary market sales.


Incontrovertibly the most effective SEO name brand name, STXNFT is 2nd in market volume however constructed the ideal mousetrap. STXNFT was the very first market to let users see all NFTs under one address, however much more significantly, they (really he– solo creator Jamil.btc) permitted users to just move NFTs from one address to another.

In addition to these functions, STXNFT is likewise the extremely first Stacks market to permit minting NFTs in other Stacks-based tokens such as MiamiCoin & recently-launched NewYorkCityCoin.

The Top STX NFT Collections

And with the markets presented, we’ll now go into the buzziest collections that make up the young Stacks environment. While there are much more jobs than the ones gone over here, we picked to highlight the ones with the most market volume.

Screenshot Taken Nov. 16th 2021

Screenshot Taken Nov. 16 th 2021

Megapont Ape Club

As seen above, Megapont Ape Club (or MAC as you may see on Twitter) is the gorilla in the space. With $ 2M in market sales volume in under a month & a heavy existence on all 3 markets, they’re the most greatly traded NFT on Stacks. Showcasing some renowned pixel art & an interesting roadmap (both revealed listed below), it’s not unexpected to see why they’re # 1.

AMC #1215 & #1634 — Currently Going For 2,450 STX & 2,460 STX Respectively

AMC #1215 &#1634– Currently Going For 2,450 STX & 2,460 STX Respectively

The Explorer Guild

A graduate of the Stacks Accelerator, The Explorer Guild is the NFT fund-raising system for the Sigle composing platform. A web3 rival to Medium, Sigle hosts blog sites & pays authors in BTC. While MAC has a run-away quantity of trading volume, The Explorer Guild holds the record for the many mint volume being available in at an overall of $500 K.

The Explorer Guild is likewise loading its NFT with energy such as a premium newsletter to custom-made domains to advanced analytics, Sigle ensured to offer constant worth to their Explorer Guild owners.

Explorer #514 & #1406 — Currently Going For 100 STX & 100 STX Respectively

Explorer #514 &#1406– Currently Going For 100 STX & 100 STX Respectively

Bitcoin Birds

Bitcoin Birds is the creation of enthusiastic ornithophile Abraham Finlay. A 12- year-old with an eagerness for looking after his winged pals, Bitcoin Birds desires be a feel-good collection.

With a really tight supply of just 400 birds (versus ~ 2,500 collection size of the other 3), Bitcoin Birds was among the earliest tasks on Stacks to effectively mint out in a matter of hours. With real-world favorable impacts on their roadmap like their First Wildlife Project, Bitcoin Birds is crossing the energy limit with a charming charity-driven objective.

Bitcoin Birds #367 & #343 — Currently Going For 2,600 STX & 2,000 STX Respectively

Bitcoin Birds #367 &#343– Currently Going For 2,600 STX & 2,000 STX Respectively

Bitcoin Badgers

Named after the eponymous Bitcoin Honey Badger meme, the extremely last collection in the diagram above is a collection of giffy Badgers similar to Cool Cats art-style on Ethereum.

Badger 224 — Currently Going For 750 STX

Badger 224– Currently Going For 750 STX

Evident from their roadmap, Discord & Twitter activity, this group is laser-focused on the metaverse angle. Beginning with 3D designs & ending with an immersive virtual truth NFT gallery, Bitcoin Badgers appear like they’re making good headway into this area– only time will inform if they head towards a Somnium Space/Decentraland rival.

Interestingly, in spite of the strong secondary sales, Bitcoin Badgers is the only collection in this list with an incomplete mint (per its site, the 2nd & last half begin around Dec. 3rd/4th).

Final Thoughts: How Stacks (STX) is Bringing the NFT Revolution to the King

Understandably, the numbers pointed out brief appear small relative to the current Beeple or Bored Ape Yacht Club sale, yet it’s worth worrying that Stacks is an environment worth viewing. Remember that this activity is within the initially 7 months of launch & in the middle of an especially bad USA on-boarding procedure (noted on a single exchange with a 10- day withdrawal duration– OkCoin).

Stacks (STX) is far from best; a single search will raise significant counter-arguments from presenting its own token (aka not Bitcoin) to having a VC pre-sale. It’s in its infancy phase, smack-dab in the middle of 2 fantastic concepts: marked by the steady security of Bitcoin & the extended versatility of Ethereum.


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