Source: Screenshot, Bitcoin Only (South Park Post Covid), Eric Young VFX, YouTube

The South Park: Post Covid cartoon animation flick makes a variety of bitter forecasts on where we are headed, putting the series’ characters in the year2061 It provides a future in which bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies are a dominant payment technique.

Forty years from now, the hit series’ lead character Stanley “Stan” Marsh lives the not-so-glamorous life of an online scotch sampler. After getting a call from old buddy Kyle Broflovski, he discovers their shared home town buddy Kenny McCormick had actually passed away. Stan goes back to South Park to pay his aspects to the departed pal who had actually been presumed dead numerous times ( for this reason the program’s supreme catchphrase: “Oh, my God! They eliminated Kenny!”) till ultimately diing, this time genuine.

In his home town, Stan explore a Super 12 Motel Plus where the clerk he speaks to delicately lets audiences learn about the function cryptocurrencies play in the long run, according to the program’s developers.

” Now, obviously we just take bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since, you understand, it’s the future. We’ve all chose central banking is rigged so we rely on more unreliable Ponzi plans,” he informs Stan.

The cheek-in-tongue remark sets off no awe from the primary character, who responds with a cool: “Yeah, I understand.”

The animated series has actually long targeted worldwide financing and mocked a few of its elements. In an earlier episode, Margaritaville, aired on March 25, 2009, the program’s developers Trey Parker and Matt Stone portray a financial recession that strikes South Park and the rest of the United States after the program’s characters deposit cash into a bank whose supervisor then invests it in a cash market shared fund.


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