Lars Seier Christensen, Chairman of Concordium,(left wing), and Matt Zahab, the host of the Cryptonews Podcast.

One of the most underdeveloped usage cases of blockchain innovation is digital identity and it might likewise assist enhance interoperability in between various procedures, according to Lars Seier Christensen, Chairman of Concordium, a business blockchain service for companies.

” We’re really checking out how ID service may cross to other chains so we might assist them out on that one … But I believe interoperability is a huge thing,” he informed at the Blockchain Economy Expo 2021 conference in Dubai previously this month.

The business intends to offer an Identity Layer for the web at the procedure level.

Also, Christensen states he’s bullish about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the whole crypto area as a whole.

” I believe it is a growing area, I’m incredibly bullish on this area as an entire, and I directed almost all of my household workplace financial investments in this instructions now,” he stated.

According to the Chairman, 2021 has actually been terrific for Concordium, as the group has actually handled to reach all crucial turning points and their blockchain is now starting to onboard numerous usage cases.


Watch the complete interview and find out more about Concordium outcomes, strategies, collaboration with Geely, their company design, patterns in the crypto area, financial investment patterns, the metaverse, Bitcoin future, and more.

The interview is given you by Matt Zahab and Eimantas Žemaitis


The records of the interview:

How is the year for Concordium going today?

I believe it’s going effectively. We’ve practically kept to the turning points, you understand, we’ve raised a significant quantity of cash in the very first four-five months of the year, ran another number of variations of the testnet, released the mainnet a number of months earlier, and now starting to onboard usage cases. We will be likewise noting on numerous exchanges within a fairly brief timeframe.

So that was most likely your most significant prepare for 2022?

Yeah, basically. I believe we are satisfying the turning points as we continue, and naturally like everyone else, we’ve got turning points permanently into the future. I believe we’re at the point now where for the very first time after 3 years of work we can in fact develop and work and do organization on the blockchain which was where we desired to get at certainly.

Talk to me about your tactical collaboration, the joint endeavor with Geely Holding Group, and what you men have accomplished up until now?

Yeah, that’s. Geely is a really fascinating business, it owns a great deal of business in Europe. In fact, most significantly Volvo, however likewise numerous others. And yes, that’s right, we have, sort of, established a different variation of Concordium out there due to the fact that it’s a various area from a legal and regulative perspective so you can’t truly utilize a conventional token economy there so we are rather dealing with a fee-based design as we advance. Together with them, we are developing a Chinese variation of Concordium if you will, which I believe, is a really special position to be in, to have like an international, decentralized blockchain, and after that to have a, let’s state, certified Chinese one tooling at some time in the future. It’s a great deal of continuous work there too however we’re delighted for that collaboration – extremely expert people.

Concordium has such a distinct company design – really hard to describe. I ‘d enjoy if you could provide me a 30- 2nd elevator pitch on Concordium company design?

Yeah, I do not believe it’s that tough truly. We’re a structure on blockchain like Ethereum or Cardano, or Algorand. We certainly made some science, some technological enhancements that we believe are essential however most essentially we simply consider ourselves by stating ‘we believe ID is the layer 1 case’ – it’s not something you place on top later so in contrary to practically any other media structure or any other kind of signup – we in fact firmly insist that someone determines you on bitcoin on interview – not us however among numerous business concentrated on that – we do not hold the details, we simply would like to know that on particular situations, due procedure, and so on. Your identity can be recovered – the course to that would resemble any other permissionless blockchain, and we truly simply attempt to construct a much better structure due to the fact that I believe it’s sorely required.

A part of constructing a much better structure includes a truly great merger and acquisition method. What is your M&A method?

I do not understand if I truly concur with that. I believe we’re constructing things in a really various method from many people – not all however we are beginning with really top-level science – you understand, we’ve registered a few of the most importantly cryptographic researchers on the planet that deal with us – consisting of individuals that really developed a few of the things that all blockchains include like the hash function was created by our lead researchers in1980 A lot of this is old white wine in brand-new bottles? The science initially, then a severe, major tech offender level tech structure … Incidentally, our CTO is Torben Pedersen of the Pedersen Commitment, which any cryptographic smart listeners would understand. Another significant foundation of cryptographic history if you will, so he’s the CTO.

And then we have this service overlay which includes individuals like myself and numerous other individuals that have, you understand, a great deal of experience in the conventional organization. I believe that’s actually essential – leading science, genuine perpetrator method to tech and then comprehending what service is actually is looking for which numerous times is rather various then what individuals at occasions like this thing? More software application structure – I do not understand if that’s something go out and do much … and then include things onto that. We’re assisting individuals to develop usage cases on the top however I believe actually, we’re concentrating on developing the very best and most appropriate blockchain for company on the planet, that’s how it goes.

In concerns to 2022, what do you believe are the most essential patterns for the next year?

I believe, in total area, interoperability is starting to be a huge subject … Are all of us putting ourselves into a little, specific corner, or is this area for someone crossing. We’re really checking out how ID option may cross to other chains so we might assist them out on that one … But I believe interoperability is a huge thing. Plainly, NFTs is on a roll right, and we’re releasing a number of NFT platforms, consisting of one that I’m developing independently for another business that I own. NFTs, clearly, the taste of the month, so that is going to continue to advance and reveal how that significantly spreads out to companies, ticketing, and numerous other more advanced or extra usages of NFTs … and I believe in basic, I’m not so concerned about competitors, due to the fact that I believe it is a growing area, I’m very bullish on this area as an entire, and I directed almost all of my household workplace financial investments in this instructions now … however I believe there’s plenty of time to get it right, attempt couple of methods.

I believe some of the individuals we see now are extremely high up in the system … I would wan na see them really communicating with important mass prior to I would arrange of state ‘that’s a done offer,’? I believe everyone that has this righteousness needs to get included now since there’s simple time to still come in and be a part of it and I believe a lot of things are going to occur that we can’t forecast right now – this is what occurred with the web where I was likewise an early adoptor and we could not anticipate when the web began what would be precisely the winning usage cases and we can’t here.

What’s your take on the metaverse?

Word of the year – definitely, I believe it has a likelihood. Task of the year – more uncertain since I do not truly see a lot of these words transforming into something brand-new, and it’s undoubtedly been attempted because Second Life to develop a few of these sort of functions. You understand, Second Life, you might not even remember it however in 2007 that was a huge thing. We were really, as my bank, was among the very first ones on them – so we constantly liked brand-new innovation. I believe it’s an excellent bet – individuals were talking a lot about it however it’s a long to go prior to you have anything that from another location looks like a metaverse however I’m pleased, delighted to be a part of it.

In such a metaverse, where you will be straight communicating with a great deal of individuals, I can inform you that the ID function will be more vital than ever since you’re in fact up versus jobs and individuals and a lot more integrated and intrusive basis I would state so there you really need to know what you’re handling and have some ID function. I believe all of this plays into the exact same instructions, there’s a lot of excellent things in a dispersed blockchain however you have to wed it to more conventional methods of looking at life and company.

Where do you see Bitcoin entering into the next 5 to 10 years?

I’ve been anticipating stock costs and fiat currencies for several years and had dazzling individuals paid a great deal of cash to do it and I understand they stop working as frequently as not. I would not desire to make a forecast. Obviously, Bitcoin is very important for the whole neighborhood due to the fact that it brings cash into the neighborhood, it makes individuals run the risk of on, ready to do financial investments. I believe Bitcoin will be lesser than the majority of people believe however what does that precisely suggest I do not understand. I believe there are far much better and more fascinating options en route and … however Bitcoin is, you understand, honestly a little bit of a faith, you understand – if there’s adequate followers, it can last for a long time. It’s not much better than gold in my view however … that’s been around for 40,000 years and I do not believe that would be quickly outcompeted. You understand, I like bitcoin going up, that’s great for everybody. I’m not greatly bought it, I believe more fascinating alternatives is out there to be truthful on my sort of seprate household workplace method. You understand – it’s actually crucial. If Bitcoin enters the hole, whatever else, or a great deal of it, will be dragged down and vice versa.

So what are, in your view, the very best financial investment patterns for 2022?

When I. apart from either your operation or straight associated with the task since that actually is the manner in which you remain in for the long haul. I invested 26 years making my millions out of Saxo Bank, and I’m ready to invest what it takes here to make this task right, you understand. Due to the fact that being straight included forces you to remain – you can’t simply liquidate along the method and miss out on the huge relocations. If I invest – I go completely various about it. I discover a couple, and I’ve done that, I’ve done extremely well, thank you quite, a number of people I trust, individuals that have time to sit 24/ 7, discover the brand-new upcoming patterns, possibly purchase something we’re I’ll state we’ll never ever however they still do it and in some cases they’re best and in some cases they’re incorrect. For me, if you desired to invest, you got too broad, you understand. It’s extremely unforeseeable who’s gon na win here however you do see that the individuals that at least momentarily or completely do well have huge numerous pickups so you can manage a couple of losers here and there? The area in general, I think, will continue to increase since it has a lot of, not always wild speculation crypto however the blockchain area overall has substantial capacity and will continue to succeed and get more and more adoption.


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