Alex Lightman (left wing) and Matt Zahab, the host of the Cryptonews Podcast.

Alex Lightman, Executive Chairman and President of a European crypto exchange CoinField that runs in 193 nations, declares that exchange tokens will exceed other cryptoassets as the business is now preparing to introduce its own, rather uncommon coin.

Per Lightman, this energy token objectives to assist fix the food inflation issue in establishing nations.

” The CoinField coin [CFC] will be offering you marked down gain access to for trading costs on CoinField and to Nwassa [an agribusiness-focused digital platform] and to 10 million clients or cellphone clients of Tingo [an Africa-focused, agri-fintech company],” Lightman informed at the Blockchain Economy Expo 2021 conference in Dubai recently.

According to him, “this coin is the very first effort from the crypto neighborhood to resolve that issue sustainably.”

Besides, the business owner pointed out that the CFC coin holders may be able to exchange their tokens for meals: “What I desire is something that is one CoinField coin per meal.”

Speaking of the crypto market, Lightman stated he thinks that exchange coins are going to outshine the remainder of the crypto market due to their “feedback loops.”

” Overall, yes, bitcoin is gon na exceed the crashing United States dollar, however exchange coins as a classification will surpass crypto as a classification, and bitcoin by itself, that’s my belief,” he stated.


Watch the complete interview and find out about the development strategies of CoinField, patterns in crypto, how the business is going to take on the market leaders, and more.

The interview is given you by Matt Zahab and Eimantas Žemaitis


The records of the interview:

How has this year been for CoinField up until now?

It’s excellent. Of all, it’s a terrific year for me since my associates and I purchased the exchange this year. The initial creators produced an exchange coin, called SOLO, or Sologenic, and they did so well with it they stated ‘we simply wish to focus simply on our cryptocurrency’ so they stated to an associate of mine ‘would you like to purchase the exchange?’ and he stated ‘yeah’ and asked me to run it. I set up the initial cash to essentially begin it off, and after that a great deal of other individuals stated ‘hey, can we sign up with, can we sign up with?’ and it’s been among the most fantastic experiences of my life how it’s sort of coming together.

What are your tactical growth prepare for 2022 and beyond?

First, it’s to have a CoinField coin, which we likewise call Field, being a coin that is acknowledged as making concrete actions towards utilizing crypto to fix what I believe is the top issue for the stability of nations worldwide – food, and the run-away inflation of food costs. I believe that this coin is the very first effort from the crypto neighborhood to resolve that issue sustainably.

The CoinField Coin is on pre-sale today – what’s the method with this token?

Right now we’re here at the program, we simply began the other day, and we’re taking indicators of interest, and after that as quickly as the legal representatives authorize, we get our viewpoint letter and whatever, we launch the whitepaper and it’s an energy token that’s based upon ERC-20, its Ethereum. We’re going to, after we disperse it, we’re going to change it with another coin since we have a lot of interest from different individuals stating ‘oh why do not you do it on our platform and the others’ and I essentially desire to see what all the deals are to team up with individuals since we’re extremely distinct – right now a lot due to the fact that some of the huge companies doing ESG requirements – they desire to resolve social issues.

We’re the very best pure-play about that. There’s CoinField, and CoinField is going to be a part of a publicly-traded business called Tingo Inc, and Tingo is running in eighteen African nations – Tingo is the biggest agri-fintech business in Africa, and they have the biggest agri-tech trading platform, it’s called Nwassa and Nwassa does over 3 billion in the year, it’s a public business so these are FCC fillings, you understand, it’s all out in the public domain, there’s absolutely nothing unique about this details, I’m simply digging it out of the files.

But with CoinField we have about 17 billion perhaps more in deals, and we have 3 billion on the Nwassa platform. Both of those numbers must be method up for next year since we’re putting cash into it therefore the CoinField coin will be offering you marked down gain access to for trading costs on CoinField and to Nwassa and to 10 million clients or cellphone clients of Tingo. Generally it’s the very first time that someone has actually had a coin that can work with a crypto exchange in 186 nations for all the mobile phone requirements of someone and for all of the trading platform requires – that’s a special offering.

How are you people going to take on the huge kids and the huge gals – the other huge central exchanges?

Sure, among the important things is that a great deal of this takes place one on one however there’s a huge distinction and I do not believe crypto individuals understand it due to the fact that you believe ‘guideline is bad’ and uncontrolled ways ‘we’re totally free.’ FTX is an uncontrolled exchange, Binance is an uncontrolled exchange, you have business that are huge exchanges and I do not believe clients recognize the degree to which their funds are comingled with the exchange’s funds. The exchanges go: ‘you understand, someone left their crypto here, I believe I’m gon na yield farm it a little bit, I believe I’m gon na goose my returns’ and then somebody gets hacked like Liquid got hacked in Japan, and all of unexpected its like ‘oh, so there was combining of funds’ and then the exchange goes down.

And so, anyone can attempt anything for a particular quantity of time however eventually the concept of guideline for exchanges is that you do not have an issue for the consumers. We’re a managed exchange – we have individuals who have to address to regulators and we have to describe whatever that we do – we have to account for it, and so we really had an audit by Grant Thorton where they went through and stated -‘ are you certified with all the policies of the European Union?’ And they went – ‘yes.’ And we likewise have auditors at Tingo that are taking a look at our monetary information and stating ‘are these numbers there?’ There’s simply that quality that you get from a public business that is, and someone who’s a regulated exchange – and we have that. I believe that there are individuals who simply desire that additional security, which’s how we’ll complete.

The other method we complete is that we in fact appreciate individuals – we appreciate whether they have enough to consume, and we appreciate if we’re wise about crypto we ought to have the ability to utilize crypto to resolve real-world issues. Like the run-away inflation of food – so Michael Saylor has one method of doing it, I speak with him the other day, I got the last concern, and I have my method of doing it. And individuals are asking Elon Musk or wanting to Elon Musk for crypto news, like ‘oh Elon Musk inform us what we need to be buying’ and his recommendations is ‘oh, Dogecoin.’ How does dogecoin assist with food run-away inflation? I indicate its so amusing to me, therefore unusual that he’s stating one a hand dogecoin, and on the other hand he’s stating ‘I question how to resolve the issue of food,’ right, the food thing and all, ‘I need to contribute things’ and after that he does not understand that you can utilize crypto and his track record to in fact feed individuals. Which’s what we’re doing, therefore, what I desire is something that is one CoinField coin per meal. Now, in the start, we’re gon na need to bootstrap so we’ll have meals. On our site, you can get a meal for CoinField coin.

And it will not be a terrific meal, it will not be a big meal, however lets state the coin follows what SOLO did, you understand, that’s the other coin from our exchange, and it increases 10 times – well then, that’s a much better meal, that’s a good meal, even for western requirements. And what if it increases more from there? I indicate, the cool thing would be to have photos weekly, like, here’s the meal you can get for one CoinField coin, and today, it’s apple and a banana.

And then the next week it’s like 3 bananas and a sandwich, and after that suddenly you have a lot of individuals having like a medieval-style Viking banquet or something. I believe that would be incredibly cool, and I believe that would be a method for individuals to get delighted about crypto and state ‘oh.’ I see this isn’t simply something to make a lot of individuals who an abundant, like that Remy tune ‘I’m gon na be a bitcoin billionaire,’ you understand and all that where it’s amusing and cool however like ‘oh wait, you’re resolving real-world issues – that’s what I desire, that’s what CoinField desires, that’s what Tingo desires.

What is the most crucial old/new crypto pattern you see progressing into 2022?

Sure, well, the most significant pattern and the one that I discussed today is that exchange coins, coins from Binance, coin from KuCoin, coins from other locations, surpass crypto as a whole. Individuals are looking, it’s like ‘oh, what coins are gon na be exceeding?’, and what surpasses is Metcalfe’s Law – every n variety of users increases the energy of the network increases by n squared. Therefore I have diagrams over in our cubicle, you understand, that reveal that generally has these favorable feedback loops – more users offers more information which offers much better algorithm which offers much better applications and after that you have these favorable feedback loops to get individuals increasingly more worth.

And it absolutely blows away the returns of things. Michael Saylor is stating ‘yeah, you got to put it all in bitcoin, you got to put it all in bitcoin, it’s residential or commercial property, it’s a possession and yet it does not have those feedback loops that other things can have. In general, yes, bitcoin is gon na surpass the crashing United States dollar, however exchange coins as a classification will outshine crypto as a classification, and bitcoin by itself, that’s my belief.

Bitcoin – any hot takes or rate forecasts? Bitcoin on January 1, 2022, and January 1, 2023?

Okay, I would state … I do not generally make these forecasts – I have 2 million words about the future without any errors in my books due to the fact that I do not make cost forecasts however sure what the hell considering that you’ve asked. What I’m getting for January 1, 2022, is someplace in the location of USD 80,000, and after that for 2023 236,000 – those are my numbers.


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