If you’re weighing your cryptocurrency interest-earning chances, Linus vs. Voyager Invest is a contrast worth making.

On one hand, Linus is essentially a crypto interest account you can utilize without ever acquiring or holding cryptocurrency properties yourself. You merely deposit USD, make your APY paid in USD, and withdraw in USD– Linus deals with all the conversions in the back-end. Linus pays up to 4.5%on USD.

Voyager Invest is a cryptocurrency exchange app that likewise uses interest on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and lots of other cryptocurrencies, paid in those cryptos. Voyager uses about 4%on the majority of cryptocurrencies and a tremendous 12%on Polkadot. Voyager does not provide interest on USD or stablecoins.

These 2 business resolve 2 various kinds of users:

  1. Linus is much better for individuals that do not wish to purchase or hold cryptocurrency possessions straight and are okay with a flat 4.5%APY.
  2. Voyager Invest is a smarter option for individuals who wish to make interest on crypto possessions straight.

But that’s simply part of what you require to understand to choose in between Linus or Voyager, and even how to utilize both services tactically.

Let’s check out.

Linus vs. Voyager Invest: Key Information


Voyager Invest


Linus Review (Added quickly!)

Voyager Invest Review

Site Type

Blockchain-based high yield cost savings account

Crypto exchange crypto interest account

Beginner Friendly



Mobile App

In advancement


Buy/Deposit Methods

Bank account transfer or debit card

Debit card, charge card, bank wire, external crypto transfer

Sell/Withdrawal Methods

Bank account transfer

External crypto wallet transfer

Available Cryptocurrencies


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and around 60 others

Company Launch




Brooklyn, NY, USA

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States

Community Trust

Still establishing





Customer Support



Verification Required (KYC)





Okay (utilizes a surprise spread system rather of flat charges)

Site Promo

Earn $20 when registering for Linus

Earn $25 in BTC when trading as much as $100 on Voyager

Company Bios: Linus vs. Voyager Invest

Linus is a reasonably brand-new business; Matt Nemer and Matt Hamilton established it in 2019 after getting some experience with business like IBM and BTC, Inc. Linus does not have any financiers due to the fact that it’s still in the pre-seed stage of its development trajectory.

Voyager has actually been around a bit longer than Linus. It was established in 2017 by Stephen Ehrlic, Serge Kreiker, Oscar Salazar, Philip Eytan, and Gaspard de Dreuzy.

Voyager Invest is noted on the Canadian Stock Exchange, under the ticker sign VYGR. It raised $100 million in personal financing prior to going public.

Feature # 1: Who Pays More, Linus or Voyager?

There is absolutely no overlap in between the interest-earning chances provided by Linus and Voyager Invest.

Linus just accepts USD, and it does not provide interest on any crypto properties.

Voyager, on the other hand, just uses interest-earning chances on crypto properties. It does not use interest on USD or stablecoins.

Linus users can get the following APY rates on USD:

  • 4.0%for $1.00– $2,49999
  • 4.25%for $2,500– $9,99999
  • 4.50%for $10,000

Since Linus does not use interest on cryptocurrency properties, the following areas will just concentrate on what Voyager deals.


  • Voyager deals 5.75% on all the BTC that a user shops on the platform, offered they preserve a minimum balance of 0.01 BTC


  • Voyager deals 4.6%APY on ETH Users should preserve a minimum balance of 0.5 ETH to make any interest.


  • Voyager does not provide any interest-earning chances on stablecoins




Voyager Invest







Bitcoin Cash


















Winner: Voyager wins by using interest-earning chances on crypto properties, while Linus does not. Coincentral readers can get a $25 benefit when trading $100 on Voyager

However, Linus is still an appealing alternative for those that wish to include some USD to begin making APY. See on your own and make $20 by registering for Linus today

How Do Linus and Voyager Invest Make Money?

Linus makes its cash by taking users’ funds and utilizing them to supply liquidity in Ethereum clever agreements. Linus makes interest by doing this and pays a concealed portion of that to its users while taking the rest.

Voyager generates income through its exchange. It utilizes a hidden-spread trading system in which the rate a user spends for a crypto property is somewhat greater than the rate Voyager spends for it.

This suggests that Voyager gets a little cut of every deal that takes place on its exchange. Many exchanges charge deal charges however Voyager’s is basically concealed, that makes it tough for a user to comprehend precisely just how much they’re being charged for a trade.

Feature # 2: Payouts and Withdrawals

Linus’ payments and withdrawals are excellent. Users make interest daily and are complimentary to withdraw their cash as frequently as they desire without sustaining any costs.

Voyager just pays its users’ interest monthly. It provides unrestricted penalty-free withdrawals however does not permit users to withdraw their crypto straight. Rather, somebody would require to offer their crypto possession and withdraw the USD that they receive from it. This sustains a tax liability if earnings were made.

Winner: Linus wins this classification given that it pays interest daily and uses limitless complimentary withdrawals. You can register for Linus here to make a $20 reward

Feature # 3: Linus vs. Voyager Invest Security

Both Linus and Voyager Invest are a little behind the competitors when it pertains to security.

Linus’ security functions are a work-in-progress. The business states it protects users’ funds with third-party insurance protection and digital possession security. It does not share sufficient info about these things for users to efficiently evaluate how protective they are.

Voyager provides 2-factor authentication and offers as much as $250,000 in insurance coverage for USD funds ( note, this does not cover crypto possessions). It does not offer much details beyond that about how it secures its users’ funds.

Winner: It’s a tie Neither business supplies adequate info about its security practices to separate itself from the other. Neither business has FDIC insurance coverage– your deposits in Linus aren’t kept in USD in the back-end, and they are not guaranteed.

Feature # 4: Ease of Use

Linus is really simple to utilize for individuals who aren’t experienced with the cryptocurrency environment. Its primary function is to offer people who do not wish to need to purchase and hold crypto-assets with a method to benefit from cryptocurrency interest-earning chances.

With Linus, a crypto newbie can access to a blockchain-based high yield cost savings account simply by making a money deposit.

Voyager is likewise truly simple to utilize. It has an outstanding mobile app and enables debit, credit, and bank transfer deposits. The only drawback is that Voyager Invest does not presently have a web app.

Winner: Linus wins here due to the fact that it allows users to gain access to cryptocurrency interest-earning chances without even needing to own crypto possessions.

Linus vs. Voyager Invest Standout Features

Linus is a fairly brand-new business and is quite lean in regards to offerings at this moment. Its main standout function is its primary one. That is, providing users access to high yield-earning chances on the Ethereum blockchain without ever needing to own a cryptocurrency property.

Voyager’s standout function is something the business calls “interest increases”. If a user holds a minimum of 2,500 VGX (Voyager’s native token), they can make an additional 1%APR on certifying coins.

The Court of Public Opinion: Linus vs. Voyager Invest Reddit

Linus is still a brand-new business so it hasn’t been talked about as much as its rivals have on Reddit. That being stated, Redditors appear to believe that the threats of utilizing Linus do not surpass the advantages.

This is a legitimate point. It overlooks to think about that Linus’ main audience is people who would not purchase and hold cryptocurrency themselves.

People on Reddit typically have favorable things to state about Voyager Invest. They like the business’s rate of interest and appear to trust it.

Linus vs. Voyager Invest Customer Support

Linus has an online FAQ page and provides live representative assistance through this e-mail address: [email protected]

Voyager just has an online contact kind that users can complete with their concerns and issues.

Can You Trust Linus and Voyager Invest?

Linus is a brand-new business that hasn’t gotten much of a chance to develop a track record for itself. The early indications from the business’s public beta are excellent however risk-averse people might wish to wait a bit longer for Linus to completely develop itself prior to saving a great deal of funds on the platform.

Voyager experienced a DNS attack in 2021 however its users’ funds were never ever threatened. The business has actually been around for what total up to a long time in the cryptocurrency market and has actually never ever offered users a factor to mistrust it.

Final Thoughts: Which is the Better Crypto Interest Account, Linus or Voyager Invest?

Linus and Voyager Invest address 2 various markets. The alternative that’s finest for you will depend upon what you’re trying to find.

If you do not wish to need to purchase and hold cryptocurrency properties, then choose Linus It makes it possible for users to benefit from cryptocurrency interest-earning chances with simple money deposits.

But if you wish to make interest on your crypto possessions, then Voyager Invest is the much better alternative It uses strong rates on the majority of significant cryptocurrencies and has actually a developed a track record for dependability.

You can get a $25 benefit on Voyager when you trade a minimum of $100, and you can get$20 when registering for Linus


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