Hodlnaut vs. Crypto.com is a regular contrast made by cryptocurrency yield-seekers around the globe: both are global business with a few of the greatest rates in the market.

The 2 business significantly vary in how they structure their cryptocurrency interest accounts.

Crypto.com is based in Hong Kong and has actually worked to develop itself as one of the blue-chip cryptocurrency interest account service providers given that its starting in2016 It likewise uses items such as:

  • NFT storage wallet
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Crypto benefits charge card

Hodlnaut was produced in 2019 and is based out of Singapore. It provides interest-earning chances on a range of crypto possessions and likewise has a standard exchange.

The skinny: Crypto.com provides greater top-end rates than Hodlnaut, however these rates aren’t available for the typical user You can get up to 8.5%APY on BTC through Crypto.com however you require to keep a balance of at least $40,000 in CRO, Crypto.com’s token, to gain access to that rate. The business’s base rate for BTC is 1.5%.

Alternatively, Hodlnaut deals 7.46%APY on the very first 2 BTC, available by merely just transferring into your account. It’s a far more uncomplicated platform, however it likewise does not have as broad an altcoin choice as Crypto.com.

The following Crypto.com vs. Hodlnaut guide checks out the benefits and drawbacks of each platform.

Hodlnaut vs. Crypto.com: Key Information




Hodlnaut Review

Crypto.com Review

Site Type

Crypto interest account standard exchange

Crypto exchange crypto interest account NFT exchange

Beginner Friendly



Mobile App



Buy/Deposit Methods

Crypto deposits just

ACH, wire transfers, PayPal, credit or debit card

Sell/Withdrawal Methods

External crypto wallet

External crypto wallet transfer, ACH

Available Cryptocurrencies


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, stablecoins, and about 25 others

Company Launch





Hong Kong

Community Trust






Customer Support



Verification Required (KYC)






Site Promo

Earn $20 on Hodlnaut

Earn approximately $25 on Crypto.com

Company Bios: Hodlnaut vs. Crypto.com

Hodlnaut, a play on “HODL” and astronaut, was established in Singapore in 2019 by CEO Juntao Zhu and CTO Simon Lee. The set formerly developed Cypher Forge, a cryptocurrency trade execution platform.

Hodlnaut has actually raised $100,000 in a single pre-seed financing round, which occurred in April of 2019 The platform has about $500 million in properties under management and more than 10,000 users.

Crypto.com was established in Hong Kong in 2016 as Monaco and didn’t start utilizing its present name till2018 It’s led by CEO Kris Marszalek and CFO Rafael Melo. Crypto.com raised $267 million in financing throughout a preliminary coin offering on May 18, 2017

Crypto.com’s core group includes veterans from standard financing and cryptocurrency markets, consisting of alumni from Binance and JP Morgan.

Feature # 1: Who Pays More, Hodlnaut or Crypto.com?

In order to get the very best rates on Crypto.com, you require to hold a limit quantity of CRO in your account.

For example, Crypto.com’s base rate for BTC is 1.5% however users with adequate CRO in their account can make approximately 8.5%interest on the property. Similarly, users can make as much as 14%APY on USDC through Crypto.com or as low as 6%.

Hodlnaut utilizes a tiered rate of interest system; rates begin at their greatest and slowly reduce with the amount of the property. Hodlnaut users do not require to keep any limit balances of cryptocurrency possessions to make access to the platform’s benefit rates.


  • Hodlnaut presently provides 7.46%APY on a user’s very first 2 BTC. That rate decreases to 4.08%for the next 8 BTC, 2.02%for the next 90 BTC after that, and lastly down to 1.00%for any extra BTC deposits above 100.
  • Crypto.com’s rates of interest for BTC variety from 1.5%to 8.5% The rate you make depends upon the dollar worth of the CRO that you have actually kept in your account.


  • Hodlnaut presently uses 7.46%APY for the very first 20 ETH a user deposits. They pay 4.08%for the next 80 ETH after that and 2.02%on any ETH deposits over 100.
  • Crypto.com’s ETH rates vary from 3.5%to 8.5% These differ based upon the length of time a user devotes to saving their ETH on the platform and just how much CRO they have in their account.


  • Hodlnaut provides the following rates of interest varieties on stablecoins: Tether 3.04%– 12.73%, DAI 2.02%– 8.32%, USDC 2.84%– 12.73%
  • Crypto.com uses these stablecoin rates of interest: Tether 6%– 8.5%, DAI 6%– 14%, USDC 6%– 14%







0.5%– 5%

Bitcoin Cash


0.5%– 5%



0.5%– 5%



0.5%– 5%



0.5%– 5%



0.5%– 5%



0.5%– 5%



6%– 14.5%

Winner: Hodlnaut Hodlnaut’s rates of interest are much easier to attain and need less dedication from a user to make. Crypto.com provides interest-earning chances on altcoins, while Hodlnaut does not, as well as the greatest top-end rates on many properties, supplied you’re prepared to hold onto some CRO.

Hodlnaut takes the cake due to the fact that Crypto.com’s base rates are much lower than Hodlnaut’s, and the holding of CRO presents a brand-new danger.

CoinCentral readers can get a $20 bonus offer with a deposit of $1,000 on Hodlnaut. The deposit can be performed in a single deal on or within 1 week from your very first deposit.

You can likewise make a $25 perk by registering for Crypto.com and staking for the Ruby Card today.

How Do Hodlnaut and Crypto.com Make Money?

Hodlnaut generates income by providing out the possessions that it handles at a greater rate than it pays the users that transfer them. This is the very same method most cryptocurrency interest account suppliers make use of.

Hodlnaut claims to over-collateralize its loans, which in theory lowers the analytical possibility of default. Users need to understand that this does not use a platform like Hodlnaut safe.

Hodlnaut likewise charges users a withdrawal charge, which differs on market conditions.

Crypto.com likewise provides user properties, however it has a lot more revenue-generating methods. It charges a little portion on its exchange; maker rates vary from 0.036%to 0.1%and taker rates vary from 0.09%to 0.16%

Feature # 2: Payouts and Withdrawals

Hodlnaut pays interest to its users each week on Monday at 5 PM GMT.

Users can withdraw funds at any time, unless they decide in to lock their funds on the platform for a particular period in exchange for a greater rate. Hodlnaut does charge a withdrawal cost, which differs on market conditions.

Withdrawal costs are:

  • 0.0005 BTC
  • 10 DAI
  • 0.0036 ETH
  • 10 USDT
  • 10 USDC

Crypto.com pays interest daily, however it does not substance. The business charges a cost for all withdrawals that happen on-chain. Users can prevent the cost by making use of the business’s withdraw-to-app function

Winner: Crypto.com wins here by virtue of paying interest daily and providing a technique totally free withdrawals.

Coincentral readers can make $25 by staking for Crypto.com’s Ruby Card.

Feature # 3: Hodlnaut vs. Crypto.com Security

Hodlnaut needs all users to establish 2FA prior to making a withdrawal. This includes an extra layer of defense on all accounts. The business’s main custodian is Fireblocks, which is among the leading digital possession custody service providers. It uses a mix of cold and hot storage to make certain users’ funds are never ever totally in the very same location simultaneously.

Hodlnaut likewise provides its users the choice of buying insurance coverage on their crypto deposits through Nexus Mutual. This is a special function that is significantly ending up being more popular amongst rivals.

Crypto.com partnered with Ledger to secure its users’ funds. It declares to save most of its funds in freezer and offers as much as $250,000 FDIC insurance coverage on users’ money funds– note, this does not use to any cryptocurrency properties

Winner: Hodlnaut takes this classification by offering its clients the alternative of buying insurance coverage through Nexus Mutual, unlike Crypto.com.

Feature # 4: Ease of Use

Crypto.com is a relatively challenging community to get acquainted with– its rates differ based upon elements like securing funds, staking CRO, and whether you stake for a charge card. These barriers are apparently worth it for power users, however not a lot for novices.

Comparatively, Hodlnaut is really simple: a user just requires to transfer their funds on the platform to start making interest.

Both platforms have web-based and mobile account management choices.

Winner: Hodlnaut takes the win here. It enables users to make interest instantly after transferring properties. Crypto.com’s community takes more effort to comprehend.

Hodlnaut vs. Crypto.com Standout Features

Hodlnaut’s standout function is its Nexus Mutual insurance coverage. Couple of cryptocurrency interest accounts use insurance coverage, and this is a special point for Hodlnaut to distinguish itself. The expense of this insurance coverage differs based upon the quantity you wish to be secured and for the length of time. Take a look at Hodlnaut’s guide for getting a Nexus Mutual quote for additional information.

Crypto.com’s standout function is its charge card, which lines up users closer to the overarching Hodlnaut environment. Crypto.com card users can make cashback paid in crypto on daily purchases.

However, Crypto.com’s charge card is more complex than similar offerings from business like BlockFi.

The Court of Public Opinion: Hodlnaut vs. Crypto.com Reddit

Redditors appear to have normally favorable sensations about both Hodlnaut and Crypto.com.

Praise for Hodlnaut consists of yelling out consumer assistance.

Praise for Crypto.com focuses on its charge card and the experience of its power users.

Hodlnaut vs. Crypto.com Customer Support

The main problems, mostly for Crypto.com as it has much more users and for that reason a much bigger analytical tendency for discontented clients, pertains to client assistance times.

As a more recent, smaller sized platform, Hodlnaut’s consumer assistance is apparently doing a great task at resolving the issues of its consumers.

Crypto.com provides assistance through an online aid center, through its e-mail address [email protected], or an in-app assistance chat for mobile users.

Hodlnaut users can get support by means of its assistance e-mail address (assistance @hodlnaut. com), or through its contact kind

Can You Trust Hodlnaut and Crypto.com?

Crypto.com and Hodlnaut both have tidy records of doing right by their users.

Crypto.com has about 3 years of seniority on the more recent upstart Hodlnaut. Together with its durability, Crypto.com take advantage of having a more pedigreed group of executives. Crypto.com has an ISO/IEC 27001: 3013 accreditation and is routinely investigated by Bureau Veritas.

However, this is a natural contrast in between a scrappier start-up such as Hodlnaut and a tradition item like Crypto.com.

Each business executes industry-standard security practices to keep its users’ funds safeguarded from hackers. Hodlnaut even provides third-party insurance coverage as an additional layer of security.

That being stated, there will constantly be a standard level of threat included with utilizing a cryptocurrency interest account. These aren’t cost savings accounts, they are financial investments, and each financial investment (especially on custodial platforms such as these 2) includes a layer of threat.

Both Crypto.com and Hodlnaut are headquartered globally, Hong Kong and Singapore respectively. The jurisdictions, policies, and legal structures might vary in these nations, so strategy appropriately.

Final Thoughts: Which is the Better Crypto Interest Account, Hodlnaut or Crypto.com?

Hodlnaut and Crypto.com serve 2 various pieces of the exact same market.

Hodlnaut is much better for novices and intermediates looking for to diversify their APY-generating platforms.

Hodlnaut is simpler and less made complex to establish. You begin making the leading interest as quickly as you transfer any quantity of the assistance digital property (under the tiered quantity). Relatively, Crypto.com needs a much deeper immersion in its community, such as holding CRO and securing your properties, to get equivalent rates.

CoinCentral readers can register for Hodlnaut and make $20 with a deposit of a minimum of $1,000 worth of any supported cryptocurrency possession.

However, for aiming Crypto.com power users, going complete send out on Crypto.com has plenty to provide. It vanquishes Hodlnaut for this power user classification for a couple of factors:

  1. Crypto.com uses greater top-end rates of interest. With a $40,000 comparable stake of CRO and a three-month lockup, the APY for a stablecoin like USDC is a tremendous 14%, which is almost double that of the market average.
  2. The Crypto.com card gets up to 8?shback i n crypto on their daily purchases, with a $400,000 stake of CRO at the greatest tier. The Ruby ($400 in CRO) and Indigo/Jade ($ 4,000 in CRO) get 2%and 3%respectively. CoinCentral readers can make $25 by staking for Crypto.com’s Ruby Card.
  3. Crypto.com provides interest-earning chances on a range of altcoins that Hodlnaut does not.

Wrapping up the Hodlnaut vs. Crypto.com conversation, Hodlnaut is a much better option for clients searching for an uncomplicated method to make interest without needing to fret about staking and locking funds. Crypto.com is a more recognized platform with a broader variety of functions.

Both business use a few of the greatest rates in the market, so it typically boils down to a matter of choice.


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