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The sale of a non-fungible token (NFT) from the popular CryptoPunk collection raised eyebrows in the neighborhood on Thursday for its huge USD 530 m price– a cost that would have made it the most pricey art piece ever to be offered– if it was genuine.

The deal initially ended up being understood to the general public around midnight UTC time, when a Twitter bot that tracks sales of CryptoPunks released this tweet, revealing that an NFT from the collection was cost over half a billion United States dollars:

The tweet briefly got the report mill going, with neighborhood members requiring to Reddit’s r/CryptoCurrency subreddit to discuss what simply occurred.

” First the canine coins pump, now kids are offering jpegs for millions. We actually are residing in the future. What an odd location it is,” one Reddit user composed, while another user recommended it was “That individual who simply made $5 billion off Shib” who chose to invest some on a CryptoPunk.

For contrast, the most costly art piece ever to be offered was Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, which in 2017 was auctioned off for USD 450 m.

As everything ended up, nevertheless, the sale of the NFT was not completely natural. Suspicions about the huge quantity paid initially begun to emerge on the exact same Reddit online forums, where some users explained that the purchaser and seller may be the exact same individual or entity, while even recommending that it might be part of a fancy money-laundering plan.

Explaining what really occurred in more information, nevertheless, the Twitter user mariano.eth went through the procedure action by action:

Later on, the entire occurrence was likewise discussed by Larva Labs, the developers of the CryptoPunks NFTs, describing on Twitter that the deal was neither a bug nor a make use of. Rather, it was somebody who just purchased the NFT from themselves with the assistance of a “flash loan.”

And although the factors for why somebody would go through the problem of producing a flash loan just to purchase an NFT from themselves are not totally clear, the entire event developed into a PR stunt.

Asked what the function of the flash loan-backed sale may be, mariano.eth, the exact same Twitter user that described the procedure, stated:

” Because it’s enjoyable I expect, and now we’re all discussing it.”

He included:


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