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The unusual tale of crypto mining in Abkhazia has actually taken a fatal turn, with a bloody firefight over mining rigs leading to a death in the de facto South Caucasus state.

As formerly reported, a complicated row over the status of crypto mining, which has actually flourished in Abkhazia in the last few years, has actually resulted in political turmoil. Legalization was followed by momentary restrictions, federal government u-turns, extended periods of enforced blackouts, restrictions on mining rig imports, a sweeping crackdown– and most just recently a government-led quote to develop a technopark committed to mining, in addition to a devoted power substation to sustain it.

But in numerous locations, anarchic scenes have actually broken out, with some miners eliminated of towns by furious citizens who have actually been left without power for days on end.

However, the vicious gunfight marks an awful brand-new low for the fate of crypto mining in Abkhazia. EADaily reported that the prosecution service in the Gudauta area had “opened a criminal case on a thought murder of an individual,” who passed away from “gatling gun”- caused injuries.

The supposed shooter and “a number of other individuals,” the outlet included, describing prosecution reports, had actually been trying to “avoid a break-in of mining devices.”

The occurrence, district attorneys stated, occurred at about 11: 30 PM regional time on October 20, when a group of 5 guys, 3 of whom were equipped with “unlawfully acquired” “Kalashnikov attack rifles,” and the other 2 geared up with “Makarov handguns” moved onto a plot of land in the town of Aatsy owned by among their number to “try to stop the theft of devices meant for the extraction of cryptocurrency by a minimum of 5 individuals.”

The report made no reference of whether the supposed burglars were equipped or not, however it appears that the greatly armed vigilantes ultimately opened fire.


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