Cool Cats is an Ethereum-based collection of 9,999 arbitrarily created NFTs. The job and surrounding neighborhood have actually grown substantially because its launch in July 2021, and the job is typically deemed among the 2021 “blue-chip” NFT in its early stages.

The 1st Generation of Cool Cats (the group has actually meant allowing the “breeding” of future generations– we’ll enter into that listed below) is restricted to the 9,999 originally-released felines, all of which are arbitrarily put together from over 300,000 function mixes: a special body, face, hat, and clothing.

Cool Cats

Cool Cat holders get:

  1. Access to the Cool Cat neighborhood
  2. Random airdrops
  3. Access to future Cool Cat occasions
  4. A non-exclusive license to do anything with their individual Cool Cat NFTs.

The Cool Cats job likewise makes use of a “coolness” scale. The bulk of Cool Cats deserve in between 3 to 6 points:

  1. Cool: 4,599 felines are in between 3 to 4 points
  2. Wild: 3,000 felines are in between 5 to 6 points
  3. Classy: 1,750 felines are in between 7 to 8 points
  4. Exotic: 650 felines are in between 9 to 10 points

Cool Cats rankings (source: CoolCatsNFT site)

Cool Cats rankings (source: CoolCatsNFT website)

There are 66 “very uncommon” felines that are totally special. The rest of the Cool Cats is all blue with a variety of outfits like knight helmets, television heads, chef hats, and so on. Felines with finished attires are thought about the rarest, or coolest. A cool feline with a completely put together pirate outfit is thought about cooler than one with a pirate body and a beanie head.

About the Cool Cats NFT Team & Holders

The Cool Cats job was established by 4 pseudonymous members with interests in art and cryptocurrency. The group consists of:

  1. Clon: The Catoonist (, the main illustrator and pioneer of the task.
  2. Tom: clever agreements and technical user interfaces.
  3. Lynq: structure and keeping the site.
  4. ELU: Creative instructions lead, in addition to marketing, task management.

Of the 9,999 Cool Cats in the collection, 4 felines were booked for the team member (one each.) 100 were scheduled for future competitors and holders airdrops.

Since Cool Cats NFT Release Date in July 2021, Cool Cats have actually been traded over 22,000 times in secondary markets

As of composing, The large bulk of holders have 1 Cool Cat, and about 30 wallets have 11-15 3 wallets have more than 150 Cool Cats. In overall, there have to do with 4,800 special addresses that hold a Cool Cat NFT.

Perks to Holding a Cool Cat NFT

The Cool Cats task declares to return 20%of all ETH raised in main and secondary markets back to the Cool Cats neighborhood through contests and raffles.

Cool Cat holders likewise get restricted edition Cool Cat-related NFTs monthly. Additional advantages and launches consist of:

  • A $MILK Token
  • Future Airdrops
  • Cool Cat Breeding

Cool Cats Roadmap

The Cool Cats roadmap presently extends to Q22022 It consists of a wide array of enthusiastic additions to the Cool Cats task, such as the MILK tokens, traveler’s guilds and other gamification activations, a ballot platform, and a “top-secret job.”

The Cool Cats Roadmap as of Q4 2021 (Source: Cool Cats Discord)

The Cool Cats Roadmap since Q4 2021 (Source: Cool Cats Discord)

There are minimal information on the animals within the Cool Cats environment, however it appears they hold some mixes of Cool Cat qualities.

An overview of the Cool Cat creature stages (source: Cool Cat Discord)

An introduction of the Cool Cat animal phases (source: Cool Cat Discord)

The $MILK Token

The Cool Cats group revealed a $MILK token will be airdropped to all Cool Cat holders. MILK acts as a currency utilized within the Cool Cats environment. It is reported to serve some sort of staking performance, or as a currency within the yet-to-be-released Cool Cats metaverse.

Preliminary advancements of this metaverse have actually been shared on Discord and Twitter.

” It’s type of like the Sims, however for Cool Cats,” states a Cool Cat holder on Discord. “Your Cats can connect with other Cats, alter the island they survive on, and you’ll have the ability to utilize milk tokens to purchase equipment and clothes. Plus if you understand anything about blockchain video gaming, they’re preparing for a video game system that will “talk” to other systems, enabling you to move your Cats from metaverse to metaverse.”

Editor note: Our post on bottom-up advancement describes how cryptocurrency-savvy computer game designers are working to construct NFTs that can be utilized and accessed by various video gaming environments.

Milk Collaborations: How to Get Cool Cat NFT Airdrops

Milk cooperations are basically simply totally free NFTs (art and other airdrops) sent out to Cool Cat holders.

Cool Cat airdrops are randomized– the only method to certify is by holding a cool feline in your wallet. It is hypothesized that some particular airdrops might just be offered to wallet addresses that match particular requirements, such as the length of time holding a Cool Cat.

For example, the group might select to airdrop all current Cool Cat purchasers some products as a welcome to the NFT neighborhood. Long-lasting holders might be airdropped as a reward to continue holding the Cool Cat NFT.

These airdrops are usually identified by the group as what’s most in shape offered the present state of the Cool Cat neighborhood.

Breeding: Can You Breed Cool Cats?

There isn’t much details offered online about reproducing Cool Cats, however it does appear that this function might be presented eventually in 2022.

If you’ve remained in the NFT and digital collectible area for a while, you might discover some familiarity in the principle of reproducing digital felines– Crypto Kitties was the very first task to do so in2017

Common speculation on breeding is that holders that have 2 or more Cool Cats can integrate them to produce a Second Generation Cool Cat, which would utilize shared qualities from the moms and dad felines.

Cool Cats NFT Price

The Cool Cats NFT job saw a considerable ramp-up in rate and attention in the very first week of its launch in early July 2021, going from 0.05 ETH to over 1 ETH in about a week.

Analytics on Cool Cat Prices (courtesy Dune Analytics, user @masroor)

Analytics on Cool Cat Prices (courtesy Dune Analytics, user @masroor)

By August 2021, the Cool Cat typical price on secondary markets doubled to 2 ETH, liquidating around 6.5 ETH by the end of the month.

The Cool Cat flooring cost struck a high of 14.5 ETH in September 2021, with the most costly Cool Cats costing in between 69 ETH to the greatest Cool Cat sale of 320 ETH.

Floor price tracker for Cool Cats

Floor cost tracker for Cool Cats

How to Buy Cool Cats NFT

Cool Cats can be bought on secondary markets like OpenSea, or straight from Cool Cat Holders. The simplest, lowest-friction method to purchase a Cool Cat is on OpenSea.

Cool Cats NFT on Opensea

Cool Cats NFT on Opensea

Best Cat NFTs (Other Than Cool Cats)

There are a number of cat-related tasks that are unaffiliated with Cool Cats worth looking at.

  1. Gutter Cat Gang
  2. Stoner Cats
  3. EtherCats

Final Thoughts: Are Cool Cats NFTs Legit Additional Links

Humans have actually been captivated by felines considering that Egyptian times, and it appears this human habits hasn’t altered much in the blockchain age.

The weight and momentum of the Cool Cats NFT task, like all other NFT jobs, is brought by its lively and active neighborhood, which can be discovered on the Cool Cat Discord and all throughout crypto-related Twitter.


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