Celsius vs. Nexo is a contrast you might need to make if you’re aiming to make fairly passive APY on your cryptocurrency properties. Celsius and Nexo are both UK-based business and are both actively contending for their piece of the worldwide market of cryptocurrency holders.

The following Celsius vs. Nexo evaluation takes a look at the subtleties of each platform, standout functions, interest offerings, security, and neighborhood trust.

Founded in 2017, Celsius is a London-based business with $20 6B in properties under management from 1M users. Celsius users in the United States can make 6.20%APY on approximately 1 BTC and 3.51%on deposits above that. The business provides 5.35%APY on approximately 100 ETH, then 5.05%. Celsius users can likewise make 3%on LINK, 4.08%on LTC, 8.88%on GUSD and USDC, and 5.50%on PAXG.

Celsius users outside the United States can make APY more throughout the board if they pick to get their interest revenues in Celsius’ native token, CEL.

Nexo is likewise based in London and was established in2017 It has more than $1 5 billion in AUM from 2M users, who make 6%APY on BTC, ETH, LINK, and LTC. The business likewise uses 10%on DAI and USDC and 6%on PAXG.

Nexo users can make 2%more in APY throughout the board if they select to get interest in Nexo’s native token, NEXO.

Both Celsius and Nexo are available through web and mobile apps.

So, both platforms have noticeably comparable worth proposals, however there are some differences worth thinking about.

Celsius vs. Nexo?– which one is best for you? Let’s dig in.

Celsius vs. Nexo Key Information





London, UK

London, UK




Mobile App

Yes, on Android and iOS

Yes, on Android and iOS

Available Cryptocurrencies

40 coins consisting of BTC, ETH, LTC, GUSD and USDC

20 coins consisting of BTC, ETH, LTC, DAI, and USDC; 40 fiat currencies consisting of EUR, USD

Company Launch



Community Trust






Customer Support







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Site/Promotions and Signup Bonuses

Earn approximately $50 in BTC


Feature # 1: Interest Rates– Who Has Better APY, Celsius or Nexo?


Celsius provides tiered rates on BTC. Users can make:

  • 6.20%on 0– 1 BTC
  • 3.51%on > 1 BTC

Nexo’s Bitcoin rates are a flat 6%APY for users in the United States, and 8%for worldwide users who get their interest in NEXO.


Celsius deals:

  • 5.35%on 0– 100 ETH
  • 3.05%on 100 ETH

Nexo’s APY rates are 6%for United States users, and 8%for worldwide users making in Nexo.


Celsius provides 8.8%APY on TUSD, GUSD, PAX, USDC, USDT ERC20, TGBP, TAUD, THKD, TCAD, BUSD, ZUSD, and 4.60%on MCDAI.

On the other hand, Nexo deals 10%APY on USDT, DAI, USDC, TUSD, GBPX, HUSD, and USDX, and 6%on PAXG.

Here are Celsius rates on cryptocurrencies;-LRB-

APY offerings

Celsius provides interest on a wide range of digital possessions, consisting of DeFi tokens Aave and Compound.

APY rates

Here are Nexo’s rates when users pick to make their interest in the currency transferred, or “In Kind.”

NEXO APY when Earn in Kind option is selected

Here are its rates when users make in NEXO.

NEXO APY when Earn in Nexo option is selected

Winner: Nexo uses greater rates on Bitcoin, Ether, altcoins, and stablecoins throughout the board, making it the win in this classification. It deserves keeping in mind that Celsius does have a broader series of supported possessions.

How Do Celsius and Nexo Make Money?

Celsius earns money by offering loans to business organizations and exchanges. The business rearranges earnings to its users through benefits depending upon their commitment tier (or the quantity of CEL they hold) and has actually paid upwards of $508 M in benefits to its users in the previous year.

To protect these loans, Celsius needs users to hold security of a minimum of 50%LTV (loan-to-value). Simply put, to get a loan, customers need to hold crypto properties a minimum of two times the worth of the amount they ‘d like to obtain within a Celsius account. This security can increase to 150%LTV.

Like Celsius, Nexo generates income from the distinction in between what it pays the users it obtains from (or uses interest to) and what it charges debtors. The platform makes loans to both its customers and institutional customers.

Nexo shares 30%of earnings to NEXO holders as dividends. Since 2017, Nexo has actually paid over $298 M as dividends to its token holders.

Consumers can obtain from Nexo utilizing line of credit available through a fiat transfer or the Nexo card. These loans are collateralized at a minimum of 50%LTV.

Feature # 2: Payouts and Withdrawals

Celsius lets users withdraw their funds at any time without charges. It has a soft cap on withdrawals of $50,000 within 24 hours, and bigger withdrawals can take up to 48 hours to procedure. Celsius interest is intensified each Monday.

On Nexo, interest is intensified daily, and users can make 1-5 totally free withdrawals depending upon their commitment tier or the quantity of NEXO they hold. Nexo users can likewise make endless totally free fiat deposits, transfers, and withdrawals.

Winner: Celsius. Users can make unrestricted withdrawals and not pay any withdrawal, transfer, deal, or early termination charges.

Feature # 3: Security

Celsius and Nexo are both custodial platforms, implying they seize their users’ personal secrets. Crypto loans and deposits can not be FDIC guaranteed, and one ought to properly investigate the dangers of utilizing crypto interest items.

However, both business have actually shown a high degree of security when it pertains to guaranteeing deposits are never ever within reach of spying hacker hands.

Platform Safety

Celsius has a variety of user-facing security functions, such as 2-factor authentication, a pin, biometric security, and some verification functions like e-mail confirmation when altering your wallet address and manual confirmation when trying to withdraw possessions worth over $150,000

Celsius likewise has an integrated security function called HODL mode. In HODL mode, users need to finish a 24- hour waiting duration prior to their withdrawals are verified, so there’s more time for you (and Celsius) to react if your account has actually been hacked.

Nexo’s platform utilizes security treatments consisting of 2FA, a password, biometric security, and e-mail verification functions.

Fund Safety

Celsius keeps user possessions in third-party custodians Fireblocks and PrimeTrust

Cryptocurrency possessions on platforms like Celsius are frequently on the relocation to be lent and gotten to produce interest; the above insurance coverage does not cover your properties when they’re lent to Celsius financial institutions to create yield.

In April 2021, Celsius’ e-mail circulation servers were hacked, and the contact information of some carried out an e-mail and SMS phishing attack that led to the loss of some users’ funds.

In an article, CEO Alex Mashinsky mentioned,” We have actually constantly interacted to our consumers and will continue to strengthen that Celsius will never ever request for passwords, personal secrets, seed expressions, and other private user qualifications

On the other side, Nexo keeps user properties safe in cold wallets protected with multi-signatures, with personal secrets saved offline in Class III safe-deposit box for physical security. This significant security is possible through numerous custodians. Here’s a breakdown;-LRB-

Nexo's custodians

Again, Nexo’s user possessions are guaranteed by its custodians. This insurance coverage comes near around $375 million, which is just about 3%of Nexo’s overall AUM.

As of this writing, Nexo has actually never ever been hacked.

Winner: Celsius offers its users lots of alternatives to keep their accounts safe. Its substantial user-side defense versus hacks offers it the win in this area, though Nexo’s adequate security versus custodial hacks deserves keeping in mind.

Feature # 4: Promos and Bonuses

CoinCentral readers can make as much as $50 in BTC by registering for a Celsius account and making a deposit of as much as $100,000 The business likewise provides to $50 on each effective recommendation.

As of this writing, Nexo does not provide any promotions or signup bonus offers.

Winner: Celsius.

Feature # 5: Ease of Use

Both Celsius and Nexo are beginner-friendly and available by means of web, iOS, and Android apps.

Celsius vs. Nexo: Standout Features

Celsius’ primary standout functions include its token CEL. Users who pick to make interest with CEL can receive as much as 25%discount rates on loan interest payments.

Celsius loyalty program benefits

Celsius’ HODL Mode is likewise quite cool. By letting users disable any outbound activity on their account, Celsius assists individuals who do not make regular withdrawals double their defense. Celsius’ CelPay, is an useful integrated crypto payment function that lets users make purchases by moving crypto from their accounts.

Nexo’s standout functions include its exchange, which lets users switch effortlessly in between 100 crypto and fiat sets. Its card is accepted by over 40 M merchants around the world and lets users get immediate 2?shback without any month-to-month or yearly costs.

Holders of the Nexo token likewise make some important benefits, like greater APY rates and decreased rates on crypto loans.

Nexo token perks

Customer Service

Celsius has a devoted Help Center consisting of FAQs on deposits, withdrawals, and security. Users can likewise send an assistance demand and get assistance through e-mail.

Nexo likewise preserves in-depth FAQs in its Help Center, and users can gain access to 24/ 7 assistance.

The Court of Public Opinion: Celsius vs. Nexo Reddit

Support for both Nexo and Celsius is right away evident on Reddit. Users prefer both business for their rates of interest, however support leans towards Celsius for its viewed openness and openness. Normally, a lot of Redditors recommend that users diversify by utilizing both platforms.

Celsius vs. Nexo Reddit

Celsius vs. Nexo Final Thoughts: Which is the very best Crypto Interest Account?

It’s a really close race in between Celsius and Nexo for the very best cryptocurrency interest account.

Celsius lets users make on 40 cryptocurrencies, with approximately 6.20%APY on Bitcoin, as much as 5.35%APY on Ether, and 8.8%APY on many stablecoins, consisting of USDC, USDT, and GUSD.

On the other side, Nexo users can make 6%on Bitcoin and Ether and 10%APY on stablecoins like USDT, BUSD, USDC, and more.

Celsius takes a number of user-side preventative measures such as HODL mode.

Nexo’s extensive fund precaution suggest that properties kept in its custody appear fairly safe from hacks.

Nexo’s 24/ 7 consumer assistance and greater rates on cryptocurrencies (especially through its commitment program) might bring in prospective users.

However, Celsius wins in this evaluation with much better discounts, a more comprehensive quantity of supported possessions, and well-thought-out user-side security functions.

CoinCentral readers can get up to $50 in BTC when they register for a Celsius account, and get $50 by referring a good friend to the platform.


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