Celsius vs. Crypto.com is typically a contrast made by yield-seekers looking for the greatest cryptocurrency rates of interest. Both platforms pay at the greater end of the crypto interest spectrum however considerably vary in how they tackle it.

Celsius was established in 2017 and is headquartered in London, England. It’s a cryptocurrency loaning and financing app that lets users deposit and make interest on their cryptocurrency.

Crypto.com was established in 2016 and is based in Hong Kong, and it uses a variety of items consisting of a cryptocurrency exchange, crypto interest account, NFT storage wallet, and a credit (debit) card.

In a nutshell, the most considerable Celsius vs. Crypto.com contrast is the ease of access of each platform’s finest possible rates.

Celsius pays strong rates of interest of as much as 6.2%for BTC and 5.35%for ETH as quickly as you transfer any quantity of cryptocurrency on the app.

In contrast, Crypto.com’s greatest tier pays greater rates of approximately 8.5%for BTC and 8.5%for ETH, however with hoops to leap through. It needs its users to hold considerable amounts of CRO, its native token, to get the very best rates, in addition to secure their funds for a month or longer.

That being stated, Celsius and Crypto.com use specific benefits that the other may not– let’s enter into them listed below.

Celsius vs. Crypto.com: Key Information




Celsius Review

Crypto.com Review

Site Type

Crypto interest account and loaning app

Crypto exchange crypto interest account NFT exchange

Beginner Friendly



Mobile App



Buy/Deposit Methods

Crypto deposits, debit card, bank transfer

ACH, wire transfers, PayPal, credit or debit card

Sell/Withdrawal Methods

External crypto wallet transfer

External crypto wallet transfer, ACH

Available Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins Link, and more than 30 others

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, stablecoins, and about 25 others

Company Launch




London, England

Hong Kong

Community Trust






Customer Support



Verification Required (KYC)




Excellent (there are none)


Site Promo

Earn as much as a $40 BTC bonus offer on Celsius

Earn approximately $25 on Crypto.com

Company Bios: Celsius vs. Crypto.com

Celsius was produced by Alex Mashinsky and Daniel Leon in2017 The business raised around $100 million in personal financing rounds (consisting of one token sale) and has actually given that grown to serve more than 850,000 users. Celsius handles about $16 billion in neighborhood possessions.

Founder Mashinsky has actually developed or been a crucial part of a variety of effective business, consisting of:

  • Arbinet
  • GroundLink
  • Gogo Inflight Wireless
  • Transit Wireless

Crypto.com was released under the name Monaco Technologies in Hong Kong in 2016, rebranding to its present name in2018 The business is led by CEO Kris Marszalek and CFO Rafael Melo. It raised $267 million in a preliminary coin offering on May 18, 2017

Much of its core group originated from huge names in conventional financing and cryptocurrency, consisting of the similarity JP Morgan and Binance.

Feature # 1: Who Pays More? Celsius or Crypto.com Interest Rates:

Celsius’ rates are far more uncomplicated than Crypto.com’s. Users make a flat rate approximately a specific quantity and after that a lower rate for anything above that quantity.

The cutoffs for rate of interest alter differ from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency. Celsius users make optimal interest up to 1 BTC and 100 ETH. They get a reduced rate if they save extra quantities of those properties on the platform.

Celsius Network

Celsius Network

Crypto.com users need to hold the business’s native cryptocurrency property CRO to get access to the very best rates. The business likewise pays greater rates to users who dedicate to locking their funds on the platform for longer quantities of time.


  • Celsius pays 6.2% for a user’s very first BTC and 3.51% for any extra quantities
  • Crypto.com’s BTC rate of interest vary from as low as 1.5% to as high as 8.5% The rate you make will depend upon the worth of CRO you have in your account. Users require a minimum of $40,000 in CRO to access to the very best rates.


  • Celius’s ETH rate is 5.35% for a client’s very first 100 ETH and 5.05% for any extra quantities
  • Crypto.com’s ETH rates variety from 3.5%to 8.5% depending upon for how long a user devotes to keeping their funds on the platform and the worth of CRO they have in their account.







0.5%– 5%

Bitcoin Cash


0.5%– 5%



0.5%– 5%



0.5%– 5%



0.5%– 5%



0.5%– 5%



0.5%– 5%



6%– 14.5%







6%– 8.5%






6%– 14%

Winner: Celsius Crypto.com uses greater top-end rates on lots of crypto properties, users should have at least $40,000 in CRO saved on the platform to get those rates. Celsius’ flat rate system is much easier to comprehend and uses competitive interest-earning chances on a wide range of tokens without challenges.

Celsius provides a greater, less complex sign-up perk. You can get a $40 BTC perk by transferring $400 or more on Celsius for 30 days.

Alternatively, you can get a $25 benefit by registering for Crypto.com and staking for the Ruby Card.

How Do Celsius and Crypto.com Make Money?

Celsius mainly produces profits through its crypto financing service. The business provides possessions to users at a greater rates of interest than it pays them for keeping their possessions on the platform.

These loans are over-collateralized, which suggests the danger of default is lower than it would be for a basic loan. There is still constantly an opportunity (no matter how little) that a default might take place and affect a user’s funds– it has yet to occur, however be conscious of the threats prior to utilizing any cryptocurrency platform.

Crypto.com’s loaning and loaning system is among its lots of profits streams and is the exact same as explained above. The business takes a little portion of every user exchange. Maker rates vary from 0.036%to 0.1%and taker rates vary from 0.090%to 0.16%

Feature # 2: Payouts and Withdrawals

Celsius users are totally free to withdraw their funds at any time without sustaining extra charges. Those who want to withdraw over $50,000 with a single deal need to wait 24 to 48 hours for it to procedure. The business makes its weekly interest payments on Mondays.

Crypto.com pays interest daily, though it does not substance. The business charges a cost for all withdrawals that happen on-chain, however users can prevent these by utilizing Crypto.com’s withdraw-to-app function

Winner: Celsius Celsius wins this round also thanks to its totally free withdrawals. Users can likewise withdraw their funds free of charge on Crypto.com, however just utilizing a workaround.

Feature # 3: Celsius vs. Crypto.com Security

Celsius uses a multiparty calculation (MPC) system to keep its users’ funds safe. This suits line with the market requirement. The business likewise uses many user-facing security alternatives, such as:

  • 2-factor authentication
  • Manual confirmation for withdrawals
  • Biometric security
  • Photo and video security
  • HODL mode (enables you to disable all outbound deals for a set quantity of time)

Crypto.com partnered with Ledger to keep the large bulk of its users’ funds in freezer. This decreases their direct exposure to internet-based attacks. The business likewise utilizes hardware security modules and multi-signature innovations.

Both Celsius and Crypto.com provide to $250,000 in FDIC insurance coverage to cover their users’ money funds. Note, this does not cover any cryptocurrency possessions.

Winner: It’s a tie. There just aren’t sufficient separating aspects here to state a winner. Both Celsius and Crypto.com remain in line with the market average for protecting their users’ funds.

Feature # 4 Ease of Use

The Celsius platform has a better client experience than Crypto.com; you just require to transfer their possessions on Celsius to start making weekly interest payments.

To get the most out of Crypto.com, users require to totally immerse themselves in its environment– staking for a charge card, holding CRO, and securing funds.

As far as the user experience goes, both platforms have web-based and mobile account management alternatives that are fit for any newbie. Crypto.com provides more items, and its app is naturally a bit more complicated.

Celsius vs. Crypto.com: Standout Features

Celsius’ standout function is its cryptocurrency property, CEL. Users who get loans and pay with CEL can make approximately a 25%discount rate on interest payments

Crypto.com’s standout function is its charge card. It enables users to begin making cashback in crypto while making daily purchases.

As far as cryptocurrency charge card go, Crypto.com’s charge card is more complex than BlockFi’s equivalent offering Crypto.com does use a broader range of benefits and benefits, consisting of complete CRO compensations for Netflix and Spotify at the Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White tiers, and benefits varying from 1%to 8?sed upon the user’s money worth of held CRO.

Crypto.coms card tier

Crypto.coms card tier

The Court of Public Opinion: Celsius vs. Crypto.com Reddit

The Reddit neighborhood appears relatively pleased with both Celsius and Crypto.com. A typical agreement is that crypto-savvy users must utilize each platform and switch their possessions back from one to the other depending upon who’s presently paying the greatest rates.

If you desire a cryptocurrency rewards charge card, however, Reddit has kind things to state about the Crypto.com card.

Celsius vs. Crypto.com Customer Support

Celsius has an online client assistance kind and phone-based service readily available at 201-824-2888 It likewise has a extremely active Telegram group with over 18,000 members.

Crypto.com has an online aid center with responses to typical concerns. You can likewise connect for customer support by means of e-mail at [email protected], or within the app.

Can You Trust Celsius and Crypto.com?

The cryptocurrency neighborhood at big appears to rely on both Celsius and Crypto.com, a minimum of as far as custodial platforms go.

Each business utilizes industry-standard security practices and hasn’t suffered any significant breaches.

That being stated, you constantly presume some level of danger when you enable an external celebration to hold your crypto properties. Given that neither platform uses insurance coverage on tokens like BTC and ETH, you have actually restricted to no option if the proverbial dookie strikes the fan. This holds true of every crypto interest account platform, and is not restricted to simply Celsius or Crypto.com.

Celsius has actually declared it is developing an internal insurance coverage item, however it has yet to be launched.

Crypto.com has an ISO/IEC 27001: 3013 accreditation and gets routine audits by Bureau Veritas. Celsius has more than 850,000 users and handles billions worth of possessions without any history of hackers taking funds.

Final Thoughts: Which is the Better Crypto Interest Account, Celsius vs. Crypto.com

Celsius vanquishes Crypto.com as the much better crypto interest account. Celsius’s interest system is far more uncomplicated and does not need users to hold considerable amounts of a native token to get the very best rates. Celsius provides intensifying interest, while Crypto.com does not. Many of Celsius’ standard rates are greater than Crypto.com’s fundamental ones.

CoinCentral readers can get a $40 BTC perk when transferring $400 or more on Celsius for 30 days.

That being stated, Crypto.com does use an engaging argument if you’re eager on ending up being a Crypto.com power user. When maxed out, Crypto.com leads the market in the greatest rates on cryptocurrency, along with some engaging charge card advantages on its greatest tier– both of which can be accessed by holding a quite cent of about $400,000 of CRO.

Perks consist of:

  • Reimbursements for Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify, and other popular membership services
  • Airport lounge gain access to
  • Private jet collaboration
  • Exclusive product pack

CoinCentral readers can get $25 when staking for the a lot of standard card tier, the Ruby Card.


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