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Bitcoin (BTC) futures traders are turning rather bearish on the primary cryptocurrency, once again preferring brief positions over longs, information from crypto exchange OKEx reveals. Traders on the completing exchange Binance were less cynical on the near-term outlook for the coin.

According to a futures market report from OKEx released on Friday, the ratio of long positions to brief positions on its bitcoin futures market has actually moved lower considering that completion of September, following an upward pattern for the majority of August and September.

The upward trending long/short ratio provided bitcoin “good assistance that kept it afloat regardless of substantial selling pressure,” OKEx blogged about the 2 previous months, including that the uptrend has actually now broken down, implying retail traders are significantly preferring shorts over longs.

Source: OKEx

In futures trading, a brief position is a bet that the cost of the hidden property will fall, while a long position is a bet that it will increase. An increasing long/short ratio hence suggests increasing optimism on the cost, while a falling ratio recommends traders are turning cynical.

” At the time of composing, the long/short ratio is around 0.90, having a hard time to recover 1.0 considering that October began. This reveals us that retail traders are wagering versus bitcoin’s fast increase, possibly due to the fact that the marketplace leader has actually currently increased almost 30%considering that the month began,” according to OKEx.

The findings from their report were likewise partly supported by information from Binance, which revealed that the long/short ratio on their bitcoin futures market has actually moved lower given that completion of September. Given that October 1, nevertheless, Binance’s long/short ratio has actually moved a little up once again, and is presently sitting at 1.12

Compared with OKEx’s ratio of 0.90, the information from Binance indicates that futures traders on Binance were significantly more bullish on bitcoin than OKEx’s traders.

Source: Binance

Meanwhile, in assistance of the rather bearish angle of the commentary from OKEx was likewise cost information from futures agreements of differing maturity on the exchange.

In bullish market conditions, cost premiums on futures agreements ought to typically be greater the more away an agreement’s expiration date is, a scenario referred to as contango.

According to the exchange, nevertheless, the rate premiums on futures agreements ending in December this year and March next year were just partially greater today compared to Friday recently, which it stated “does not always paint a really favorable photo from a retail point of view.”

” Given how these premiums are reasonably modest, we can presume that retail financiers are approaching this prospective second-leg of the bull run extremely carefully,” OKEx’s Hunain Naseer composed in the futures market report.

At the time the commentary was composed, OKEx’s quarterly bitcoin futures agreement, which ends in December this year, traded at USD 56,721 The cost provides a premium over area of about USD 1,330, which is “partially greater” than the USD 950 premium from recently.

Similarly, the March 2021 agreement traded at USD 58,355, with a premium of over USD 3,000, which OKEx stated is “not substantially greater than recently’s USD 1,900”


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